St Helena Hospice exists for the patients, families and carers we serve in North East and parts of Mid Essex as well as those who will need its support in the future. In the main, hospice services are for those with palliative and end of life care needs. Hospice and palliative care is about ‘care not cure’ and supporting the ‘whole’ person; not only concentrating on their medical care and physical symptoms but also their emotional and spiritual needs and the needs of their loved ones. This type of care can be suitable to people from the point of their diagnosis with an incurable illness; it doesn’t just have to be for those who are nearing the end of their lives.

Some of these illnesses could include diseases such as cancer, AIDS and diseases at a progressive stage like advanced neurological diseases (for example, Motor Neurone Disease), end stage dementia, lung disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Many think of hospices as buildings. We do have some great facilities such as a 15 bedded Inpatient Unit and two therapies and wellbeing centres but the majority of our work takes place in the community, supporting people in their own homes.

All of the services that the hospice offers are free for people to access. The yearly cost of these services is around £8.8million. Around two thirds of this cost is raised through the support of the local community. This could be from shopping in our retail outlets, attending events, playing Your Hospice Lottery, leaving gifts in Wills, corporate partnerships, donating and fundraising.


SinglePoint works alongside other services you receive from your GP, community nurses or specialists, to make sure you get high quality coordinated care and it is run from our Highwoods, Colchester site.
The service provides a telephone advice line 01206 890360, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to call for help and support. It also provides (dependent on needs) telephone support or a visit from a qualified nurse when needed.

Bereavement services
As well as offering palliative and end of life care services we run the ‘St Helena Hospice and NHS North East Essex bereavement service’. This service doesn’t just offer support to those who have been in contact with the hospice but all those bereaved in the area. It is accessible by adults, children and families and referrals can be taken from individuals, families and friends or any health and social care professional.  Referrals can be made on 01255 258240.
Referrals and SinglePoint: 01206 890360