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Complaints, comments and compliments
15 May 2015


Adult Social Services would like you to tell them when you are pleased with the services they provide but they also need to know when things go wrong. By listening to you and learning from your feedback they will improve the quality of the services they provide and encourage good practice by our staff.

They want to hear from you if:
• You have a suggestion on how they might improve services
• You want to compliment them for a job well done
• You are dissatisfied with the way they delivered a service
• You are dissatisfied with their policies
• You received inaccurate advice or information

You can tell them your views in the following ways:
• Use their compliments, comments and complaints form (link here on the website as above)
• Email: ECC.CustomerServices@essex.gov.uk
• Call 08457 430 430
• Write to Customer Services Team, County Hall, Market Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 1QH

They aim to respond to complaints in 10 working days; if they are unable to do so they will tell you and tell you why. For more information, see their Complaints, Comments and Compliments policy (link here on the website as above).

Different Ways to Investigating Your Concerns/Complaints
The way in which a matter is investigated is proportionate to the type of concerns being raised. But can result in independent investigation as at 2015. If this has happened to you please inform WhereIsTheCare of the outcome and how this process went if you would. Thank you.



Don’t Forget Advocacy!
Advocacy Essex are commissioned by Adult Social Care, ECC if you need advice and support throughout the complaint process. Citizens Advice may also be able to help. There is other advocacy available also see about Advocacy on WhereIsTheCare.co.uk.

Explaining GovMetric Feedback
Just a quick word about feedback on ECC’s website. If you have any about the various pages on the site, if you think they are not clear or could be worded better or provide signposting more clearly or whatever you feel about the service spoken about on these pages, you can comment through this current (2015) system of Smiley Faces you will see at the bottom of the pages.

You can make a rating Happy, Not Happy or Medium by clicking on the faces and going through to more pages to record your perceptions and views. You can tell us to at help@whereisthecare.co.uk too remember so we know what you think!
GovMetric is a way to provide to ECC feedback, a snapshot of satisfaction information from you. A way to judge what how you perceive and what you are feeling about information provision and services spoken about on this website services provided to you in general.

Local Government Ombudsman
Should the local complaint process be exhausted and you are not happy with the outcome with ECC, referral can be made to the LGO who has the power of a High Court and has final decision on certain matters and can decide the ways in which services are delivered and investigated.
This route should be offered to you if you find yourself in this situation.
Again if this is happening to you please let WhereIsTheCare know if you would and how the process is going. Thank you.
Contact: www.lgo.org.uk / 0300 061 0614