An important part of care support provided via this website, is the role of an informed and experienced person who can act as either a befriender or information advocate.

This is different and distinct from the definition of a legal advocate which is often a solicitor. An information advocate can help with specialised assistance to those who, due to advanced years find themselves on the receiving end of either care or health intervention and become entangled in difficulties or distressing circumstances.

The information advocate will often work with the service user (person who requires the advocate) and their families and give help to:

  • express their views and wishes
  • secure their rights
  • have their interests represented
  • access information and services
  • explore choices and options
  • explain where applicable any difficult documentation or decisions.

In support of this the advocate will often assist to help service users express their views and concerns directly with the organisation concerned.  Where appropriate this could mean that the advocate might be able to attend with the service user to meetings or interviews, in a supportive role if you feel that you are unable to do so alone. The information advocate or befriender can help to write letters, or speak for you in situations where you don’t feel able to speak for yourself.

A major outcome which this website seeks to attain is to obtain social justice in health or social care for elderly patients by equality of services and by empowering people to speak up for themselves. At all times we will respect the confidentiality of the service user unless there is a legal requirement to take action to prevent harm or injury to the service user or another person.

It can be very daunting when dealing with Governmental and/or large Private Institutions that provide care or health services and often service users can feel intimidated or unable to access support.  This website is committed to ensure that whatever difficult care or health situation you are experiencing or have experienced or might experience, that there is sufficient information available to you to make informed decisions.

Comment by Where Is The Care: This article is written by former advocates of Katie and Kevin Warren of to whom we are truly grateful.

These are the advocacy services, that WhereIsTheCare know about.  If you are reading this and you provide advocacy to elderly/vulnerable people and their carer families, please contact us and let us know!

Advocacy Services

Action for Family Carers (AFFC)

Age UK Essex

aivUK Upholding and safeguarding best interests

BATIAS Support for People with Learning Disabilities


Essex Advocacy

Essex Coalition for Disabled People for advice  (ECDL)

MENCAP Help for People with Learning Disabilities

Mid Essex MIND


Red Cross

SAMEC Trust Ethnic Health Information Charity

SEAP  Essex Advocacy

South East Essex Advocacy for Older People 01702 340566

Southend Advocacy (Mental Health)