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I am very proud to say that I am the Cabinet Member for Adult Social care, Public Health and Wellbeing for Essex County Council. Although I only took this role over a few months ago (2014), I have been working as deputy in this role for quite a while longer and can honestly say I am very passionate about ensuring that the residents of Essex have the best access to adult social care services that Essex County Council (ECC) can provide.   I am keen to listen to what the public have to say and encourage officers to feedback regularly to me the vast range of needs that people have and how ECC work to accommodate this. ECC take people’s experiences seriously, using this feedback to improve services for vulnerable people. I want to ensure that members of the public can get the correct advice and support as quickly as possible, if they wish to raise any queries about care services.   I see my role as making sure that strategically ECC is delivering the best service possible, and improving constantly. The very complicated adult social care landscape can leave many confused, so I want to make sure that as an organisation we remain focussed on quality in care. And if there is a shortfall for whatever reason, I want to ensure that officers are working quickly to help.   As you will be aware, there are various routes for raising concerns about the quality of support, and it is important people know how to access these.  I would not want anything important to be overlooked. I would like to encourage members of the public to get in touch with us to deliver their comments. This can be via email at or by phone to the Customer Liaison Service on 03330 139815 (at the price of a local call). These details and more are available on the portal at”

Councillor Anne Brown Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care, Essex County Council