“A MESSAGE FOR ALL CARERS – You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know” -Article by Campaigner Pamela Wells provided to WhereIsTheCare


My name is Pamela Wells and I am a former carer who has campaigned for many years for quality care in care homes. I do not have any legal or professional qualifications and this is not a definitive paper.

What I have to offer to carers is my personal experience and what I learnt during the many years I cared for my husband, at home and later when he transferred to a care home.

My aim is to inform carers of their right to be treated with respect and included in their loved one’s care whether in a home setting or a care home.

This article is for those carers who are fearful of ‘losing’ their loved one to a care home and are putting off making a vital decision. It is about learning how to identify a care home that offers a ‘home from home’ atmosphere where you will receive a welcome.

Here I need to say a big thank you to another former carer and campaigner, Katie Warren founder of ‘Where Is The Care’, for inviting me to write an article for her website and for including my reports on her web page ‘Campaigning for Quality Care in Care Homes’ 2009 and ‘Choosing A Care Home’ 2010. It is from her initial request that this article has grown into something bigger than I expected or intended. I will publish and distribute it wherever I can find a sympathetic ‘ear’ and on other websites. So thank you and good luck Katie.


Full Document Here Pamela Wells Article ‘You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know’ 2015