9 December 2013


The Carers Emergency Planning Service was created to give peace of mind to carers.

If you are worried about what will happen if you are suddenly unable to continue your caring role, the service will support you to complete an emergency contingency plan.

This plan will be held by Essex County Council so that if you unexpectedly fall ill or have an accident it can easily be activated by yourself or a third party.

Essex County Council can then contact the nominees on your plan and let them know of the situation.

Should you not have any nominees, or they are unavailable, Essex County Council will ensure short-term cover is provided for the person you care, which continues whilst longer term arrangements can be made.

The service is available throughout the Essex County Council administrative areas.  If the person you care for lives outside this area you will need to look at the relevant authority’s website. For example:

Essex County Council does not administer this scheme for carers of working age adults (18-65 years of age) with a severe and enduring mental health condition.  If this applies to you, contact:

Register on the scheme

To register, email or call 01206 222 400.