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Live-in care

Live-in care provides you with an alternative to a residential or nursing home. Your carer lives with you, providing round-the-clock support. This means that you can stay in your own home, follow your own routines, keep your garden and pets, keep up with your friends and neighbours and live your life just as you want – for an equivalent cost to many residential homes.

Many of our clients use our service when their family member or carer needs a holiday. Similarly, we often provide live-in care when our client needs temporary support through a period of convalescence or recuperation, for example when returning from hospital.
Or, people might try live-in care first, while considering whether to go to a residential or nursing home.

What are the advantages to live-in care?

Quality of life

With a live-in carer, you have one-to-one help, letting you lead the life you want to lead. You eat what you want, go out where and when you want, see your friends when you want, get up and go to bed when you want. Most care homes work on a ratio of up to four clients to one carer, so cannot give you a dedicated service.


Consider the service you get at home with a live-in carer. How much would you pay to get the same service in a care home? At a weekly cost in the region of £800 to £900, live-in care can work out cheaper than most good care homes. The savings are greatly increased when a couple both need care. They can share one live-in carer, rather than paying two care home fees. It is also substantially cheaper than having three carers working in eight-hour shifts.

To stay in your own home

We all want to be in our own homes, surrounded by the neighbours, garden, pets, furniture and shops that we have always known. We don’t want to be committed to institutional life.

Clients come to Christies Care needing help with a wide range of conditions – from dementia to a severe physical disability (either acquired or congenital). Our clients may need full personal care and help with all movement, or they may just want the companionship and reassurance of someone else being there.
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Christies Care is a CQC registered, family-owned and run specialist live-in care agency. Established in 1987, it has clients throughout the country, from Scotland to the Channel Islands.