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Essex Respite and Care Association have been successfully supporting adults afflicted with a mental health diagnosis since 1995.

As a charity working hard with mental health service users and carers we give our support to organisations like WhereIsTheCare who are trying to help carers not feel so alone.

We provide weekly one to one support to service users and at the same time provide a respite break for their full time carers. We support the service user to become more involved in the community in which they live. We encourage and support them to undertake many different activities from social activities like walks, lunches, snooker or bowling, or learning life skills like attending GP appointments, hospital appointments, budgeting for and going food shopping, support and encouragement with cleaning and other skills.

While supporting our clients we are able to provide an emotional support by way of a confidential listening ear who is then able to guild them to any needed support or advice. Our support workers are also able to signpost carers to any advice they require and assist them in their caring role. Because our service is on a weekly one to one basis it means we are able to identify the needs of each individual client we support and tailor our service to best meet their needs. One way in which we do this is by supporting those who are geographically isolated by using our transport to support them to become further involved in the wider community. We are also able to support those who unfortunately due to circumstances have no carer in their lives.

Our service is covered by Personal budgets provided by your local Community Mental Health Team or Social service. As a charity we work very closely with these teams and are able to help with signposting carers and service users to the correct teams and offer support during the process of applying for these grants. We are also happy to support clients who wish to pay privately for our service.

We are sure that whatever circumstances you find yourself in and needs you have we are able to support you and help you reach the goals you have set. We look forward to hearing from you.
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