HARLOW Princess Alexander NHS Hospital Trust Patient Panel Update Apr 2015 provided for WhereIsThe Care

The Patient Panel at Princess Alexander is transparent, welcoming and so active and really looking at problems, finding solutions and taking action!  We thought we would give you an idea of the types of things they are doing.  Thanks Ann.


APRIL 2015

The last few months have been very busy for the Patient Panel we have been working on a number of project and I have listed a few you may find interesting


Things are progressing well with a plan for a dedicated bus service operating seven days a week, covering the town centre, town station and the hospital with concessions for staff.
A new bus shelter with a digital timetable. Watch this space we will keep you up to date on our progress

Emergency Department User Group Seminar
Urgent and Ambulatory Care are making rapid changes and improvements to the way they deliver services and need to communicate this to the public. The Panel is working with the Emergency Department Consultants and Matrons to develop a plan and deliver an event in May. Again this event will be publicised widely

Volunteer drivers raised the issue of the condition of some of the wheelchairs being used in PAH and two members of Patient Panel visited the PALS office to inspect the condition of the wheelchairs.

While it is clear that there is a process for PALS wheelchairs, the process for the wider hospital’s maintenance of the wheelchair does need to be clarified so that it is clear which chairs have been inspected and which are due for inspection.


Complaints Reference Group
The Chair and Co-Chair of the Patient Panel are working with the Patient Experience Team to develop a Complaints Reference Group following Quality and Safety Committee’s recommendation that a sample of complaints are reviewed for risk grading and categorisation.

This will become a regular meeting where the Patient Panel and representatives of the health groups get an opportunity to review and scrutinise the operation of the complaints process and implement any changes needed to enable improvement, particularly in recording lessons learned and monitoring actions.


Achieving Excellence and Clinical Excellence Awards
This year, the Chair of the Patient Panel was involved in presenting the Awards and in future will be involved in shortlisting and identifying the winners.

The Chair of the Panel has also supported the process of identifying and rewarding the best of our clinical leadership through the Medical Director’s Office.


Mapping Exercise
We are preparing our own The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust directory and a directory of voluntary and community sector organisations. We also have a list of around 100 people who are interested in engaging in the work of the Patient Panel, identified from the two Annual Conferences we have run so far.


PLACE Assessment
The Panel is gearing up for this year’s assessment on 17 April and training is being planned for 2 April where lay assessors will be given an opportunity to be briefed and understand the process.


Quality Compliance
A member of the Patient Panel is working with the Head of Quality Compliance, to plan for the upcoming CQC inspection in July 2015.



This is to support an effective inspection process and ensure the Patient and Carer Panel are fully involved, their views are reflected in the assessment and to ensure the practical housekeeping of the visit is well coordinated



“100 day Challenge” – four teams (one each for Herts & Essex and St Margaret’s, two for PAH) made up of hospital staff, external organisations (eg Herts and Essex Social Services) who are looking for ways to improve and expedite the discharge process for patients. This is now at the 50 day mark and the groups are testing ideas such as increasing discharges on weekends, speeding the supply of equipment such as beds for use at home. The teams have been told that they can tear up the rulebook and make any suggestions so long as they are legal and will not cause any harm to patients.


For more information about what the Patient Panel is doing see go to their website and look under About Us, Patient Panel  http://www.pah.nhs.uk/index.php?cms_page_id=1561