Custom made aids for people with a disability.


Remap is a registered nationwide charity devoted to providing aids for the disabled that are not otherwise available “off the shelf”. With a minimally staffed H.Q. near Sevenoaks, there are some eighty local working groups across the country of which four are in Essex – Chelmsford, Colchester, Southend and Romford. Each group consists mainly of retired engineers and craftsmen each working in their own garages or workshops, assessing, designing and making the aids required.


Most jobs are carried out in conjunction with occupational therapists and health workers for example, although many referrals come directly from clients. Group members give their time freely but in the absence of other funding, donations to help cover the cost of travel and materials are always welcome. Besides ensuring that the final product meets the need exactly, much emphasis is placed on safety in use and minimising costs.


Remap Case Studies


Below are brief descriptions of a sample of jobs carried out in the past by the Chelmsford Group (Remap Essex Central). Solutions range from the very simple to the much more complicated.


1. For a man having lost his left arm in an accident, a mechanical fixture was made to transfer
the left hand controls of his car to the right hand side, allowing him to driving in safety.


2. In contrast, a soft sponge ball fitted to a sharp corner of a cooker hood, prevented injury to a
poorly sighted man when cooking.


3. A three year old girl had sadly been born missing fingers and thumb on her left hand. Tennis
ball based fitments were made for the handlebars of her tricycle and scooter to allow her to ride safely.


4. A young lad with cerebral palsy wanted to use a large trampoline as did his brother and sister.
A tall but simple structure was raised over the trampoline using scaffold poles and a harness and supporting bungy cords allowing him to “bounce” in the usual way.


5. Electronic engineering skills were used to refurbish and reinstall CCTV cameras in a private
home to allow the parents to monitor their very hyperactive twin boys who needed constant attention.


6. Frequently called upon is the fitment of arm rests to walkers fitted only with hand grips. These
allow the user’s body weight to be taken on the arms.



It is seldom that the solution to similar requirements is identical, be those requirements for a door or window opener, head supports, cooker and washing machine controls, threshold ramps etc. etc.


The full list of jobs tackled, while not endless is very extensive mostly all somewhat different. The colloquial interpretation of the name Remap, although not the original is –

Retired Engineers Make Anything Possible which sums up Remap exactly.



Please refer to the “Remap Essex” pamphlet for a fuller, although not complete, list of jobs carried out available

from the home page of this website under “USEFUL DOCUMENTS” – LEAFLET 1 – LEAFLET 2


WHERE IS THE CARE COMMENT:  Remap helped us as a family allowing mum’s armchair to move safely on wheels and extending the commode back to fit over the toilet.  They were brilliant.