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Our 24 hour service offers the customer the comfort that they can get help in seconds. By pressing a pendant our highly qualified staff will respond to the call and take the appropriate action to get the help required.

This service helps the customer feel safe in their home and helps to maximise independence, giving the customer and their family complete peace of mind.

• Helpline uses assistive technology in the form of a base unit which connects to the landline socket and a mains socket in the customer’s home.

• The client wears a remote pendant, which when pressed utilises the telephone line to contact the monitoring centre. This can be used for circumstances such as emergency situations or reassurance.

• Using further technology for the more vulnerable people we can also programme additional equipment such as smoke alarms, CO detectors and bed sensors (which send an alert to the centre if the person is out of bed for any length of time.

• The time frame can be set to the most appropriate time dependant on the needs of the customer).

• Members of the team are available to cover duties all duties including monitoring calls, arranging and /or providing the most appropriate response and installation of the necessary equipment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and are employed by Colchester Council.

• We currently provide two levels of service, throughout Colchester Borough – Monitoring Only and Monitoring and Response.

• Currently we do not offer the “Monitoring and Response” service outside of the borough, but can offer a “Monitoring Only” In simple terms this means we can provide and install the equipment, monitor calls and make contact with family, friends or the emergency services as appropriate.

• Our procedures set out to ensure that customer is never left alone, once they have contacted for assistance.

• Until the operator receives a satisfactory reply from the customer or the response, whoever is most appropriate arrives on site the call to the customer will remain online.

• Once with the customer, our responders carry out their procedures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the person, and again will not leave until confident that the individual is safe to be left.

• As a team we frequently liaise with other services particularly the emergency services, adult social care service, the falls prevention team to name but a few.

You can contact Helpline by:

• Calling us on 01206 769779
• Emailing us at
• Visiting our website

Helpline can offer the customer the following services, charges are: 12 weeks free then:

Monitoring and Response Monitoring Only
Weekly billing £5.95 £3.79
Monthly billing £25.85 £16.47
Quarterly billing £77.56 £49.41
Annual billing £310.25 £197.62