POhWER reports to WhereIsTheCare:

As of 1st of July 2014, POhWER will not longer provide the NHS Complaints service (ICAS) in Central Essex – SEAP will be taking on this service.

However, in the East of England we have other services we have retained covering NHS Complaints Service (Norfolk, Peterborough, Cambridge and Thurrock), Community Advocacy (Thurrock), IMCA/Dols/Paid Rep  (Thurrock, Norfolk), IMHA (Thurrock, Central Essex, Norfolk) and of course support to be signposted as needed, if we do not provide it we support people to find out who do.


POhwer NOW

We have our Iaasc Centre that supports all queries that come in supporting everyone with information and advice and signposting – this can be accessed by all on 0300 456 2370 or pohwer@powher.net, also review for local specific services via our main website http://www.pohwer.net/in-your-area/uk-map for local provisions of advocacy provided by POhWER.

Please follow this link for our local website for Thurrock: http://www.pohwer.net/in-your-area/where-you-live/thurrock – this will provide all the details and paragraphs you can adapt and provide an article you can use on how NHS Complaints works.

Although this local site will change from the 1st of July due to SEAP taking on the NHS Complaints Contract, our local page for Central Essex also has a case study on how NHS Complaints Support actually works – http://www.pohwer.net/in-your-area/where-you-live/essex


The new NHS Complaints Advocacy Service

This service is provided by POhWER and I a free and independent service helping people to raise their NHS complaint using the formal processes available.  We are not part of, or funded by, the NHS and as such we remain impartial to help those who have experienced problem with their NHS care and treatment, or a family member of friend to do this on their behalf.

The service helps people through the complaints process by providing information, advice, and guidance about their rights/options within the formal complaint system.  Where people require additional support, an experienced and qualified advocate is assigned to support them with the complaint process – through to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman if required.

Imformation how to raise an NHS complaint can be found at:


Further information regarding our service can be found by telephoning: 0300 200 0084


We would also welcome the opportunity to come and talk to you about our service.  This could be on a one to one basis, or we would be happy to be involved as part of a training session or meeting.  If this is something you would be interested in, please do not hesitate to contact us.