Media coverage of the home care sector has reported seriously bad press and given rise to public concern. However, the majority of people receiving care in their own home have a positive outcome.

We are a local agency caring for local people. This means we do not expect our carers to drive miles to spend a half hour with a client. Our staff know the area they work in and can ensure they can get to their client in adverse weather. Another advantage of using local staff ensures that they can remain their full ‘call’ time with a client rather than using some of the client’s time to get to the next call.

The work my staff do is challenging both physically and emotionally, but with good support and excellent training they are a trustworthy, dedicated and reliable team.

Staff are passionate about the care they give. It is not just a question of assisting someone to wash and dress, it is about the entire wellbeing of a client. All clients are treated as individuals and dignity is at the fore of our ethos. We understand our lady clients, however much assistance they need, still like to chose their outfit, wear make up, jewellery and perfume.

With a good care package and the right level of support an agency such as ours means someone can continue living as independently as possible in their own home, in their own environment and around the people they love. Although living independently has risks, we as a team assist to minimise risks for the clients whilst they can continue making their own decisions and choices.

As the saying goes ‘little things mean a lot’. At times we are the only people someone will see on their birthday or Christmas Day. A birthday card or small gift from us means a great deal. Sometimes clients with large families are still very lonely and do not always have the support they would like from their relatives.

Where clients have family support we like to work with them and ensure we meet both client and family on a regular basis to discuss any ideas and what else can be put in place for the benefit of the client and sometimes the family.

We also recognise that often we need to support a client’s family as they are sometimes the main carer and this can bring it’s own pressures and difficulties. Often clients and their families are not aware of what other aid they can receive to remain in their own home. Again this is something we can assist with whether it is arranging a home visit for a dentist/ optician or home hairdresser.

We do not have a high turnover of staff. Most of our carers have remained with us for years and have a wealth of experience, they are also loyal and devoted to their clients.

The profile of the ‘carer’ needs to be recognised. As a company we believe in training, training, training, there is always something new to learn and improve on.

We endeavour to promote confidence in the area we work as we truly believe there are other agencies such as ours showing the same amount of commitment and fortitude as us.

Mansion House Domiciliary Agency offers bespoke care packages tailored to the individual’s need.

Susan Garrett
Mansion House Domiciliary Care Agency – Althorne, Essex

01621 742890