They say:

“Making our data transparent will help to drive up quality and create even better services.

Here you can see key data used by the NHS and local councils to monitor performance and shape the services you use. We’ll continually add to the information, listen to what you want, and work to make it as clear as possible.

We want your feedback on the contents and presentation of this site, whether you are a care professional, clinician, manager, carer or a member of the public.

Data from across the health and care system has been brought together on the NHS Choices website in the first stage of a new transparency site, MyNHS. The site will link to existing data that has already been published on patient safety, efficiency, quality, public health, social care commissioning and hospital food standards.

The website is a joint project between the Department of Health, NHS England, Public Health England (PHE), the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC). The data will be developed and improved over time by gathering feedback from users. The site includes a feedback button on every page so that suggestions from the health and care sector will improve the data and metrics over time. More data from CCGs, GP practices, clinicians and mental health trusts will be added at a later date.

MyNHS has been developed with the support of professionals across the healthcare sector. Clinicians, managers, patient groups and campaigners will be able to use the data to highlight the best performing areas and improve standards through competition and transparency.

National Director for patients and information at NHS England Tim Kelsey said:

“The NHS is a global leader in openness and transparency. MyNHS is a big step forward towards our transparency vision, bringing together data from across the health and care system for the first time and presenting it in accessible, understandable and meaningful way. Healthcare professionals, commissioners, regulators and members of the public can then use this data to drive improvements in patient safety and quality – keeping patient outcomes at the heart.”

Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt said:

MyNHS is a powerful new tool that will give professionals across the healthcare system the opportunity to learn from each other and improve their services. This is the next step of the journey we are taking to create the most open and transparent healthcare system in the world.”

Being open and transparent has real benefits when it comes to improving patient safety. Eight years ago, heart surgeons broke new ground by publishing results data and we now have some of the best results for heart surgery in the world. The new site is a test version and will seek feedback and ideas on the indicators used so that it can be developed and improved over time.

MyNHS can be found at

Data being published today will feature information on:

  • Hospital efficiency
  • Hospital quality
  • Social care commissioning
  • Public health outcomes
  • Public health services

MyNHS builds on data that has already been published this year for patient safety and hospital food. This information is also available through NHS Choices.

The data is taken from information that is already published and in the public domain. This includes information from HSCIC, Public Health Outcomes Framework, NHS England and the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Later this year MyNHS will be expanded to include data for CCGs, Mental Health Trusts, GP Practices and Clinicians”.