Where Is The Care would like to thank Priti Patel for coming to visit and support us on our care stand in Witham  (see gallery for photos).


Priti Patel is also now exchequer Secretary to the Treasury


July 2014


I recently had the pleasure to meet with Kate and Kevin Warren, the founders of the new website, which will be a platform for people in Essex to be given a voice with regards to social care. Where Is The Care is a website, independent of any organisation, for people to use as a platform to share their experiences of organisations and staff involved in the delivery of care services.


This new website is timely as demographic changes mean an increasing number of people need the support of care services. Many of the residents in the Witham constituency face the daily challenge of ensuring that a suitable level of care is provided for their family and loved ones and we all want to see our relatives looked after to the highest standards.


These are not easy to find and those using care services and their relatives can worry about the services being provided. The recent BBC documentary Panorama exposed the appalling levels of malpractice at The Old Deanery Care Home in Braintree, which led to one staff member being fired and seven others suspended. We should not need such a documentary in order for us to realise what levels of abuse are taking place in care homes or when the quality of care is not at the standard we should expect.


Care homes should be based upon the fundamental principles of quality of care and run on ethical and moral grounds. I am appalled to see these cases and believe that elderly and vulnerable people should be able to live with the dignity that they deserve.


The Where Is The Care website will help my constituents to make informed decisions about the care choices available to them, and also provide information about peoples’ experiences by encouraging anyone in a caring role to submit their experiences now to the webpage. Sharing information, by name or anonymously, could be very helpful to anyone looking for information about local care services.


To address concerns about care services at the national level, the Government has introduced the Care Bill. This will put in place a clear legal framework whereby the key organisations and individuals responsible for adult safeguarding will work together to ensure that abuse is reported and acted upon.


The legislation is due to come into force in September 2014 and will also require local authorities to establish Safeguarding Adult Boards (SAB), to mirror arrangements in place for children. The SAB will meet regularly with police, NHS and local authority to ensure that any local safeguarding issues are acted upon. The SAB will work with local people to decide how best to protect adults in vulnerable situations.


Where Is The Care will therefore complement these measures and help drive up improvements in care services. I wish the founders of Where Is The Care the best of luck and I am grateful for all the work they have put in to promote a cause close to their heart, in honour of Renee Dewey, mother of Kate Warren who was the victim of low quality of care.

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