Everyday First Aid

The Everyday First Aid programme is designed to build confidence and willingness in the public in their own ability to give first aid in an emergency situation. The aim of the course is to make the session relevant to the individual learner’s own circumstances and abilities and to concentrate on the key skills needed to deal with each situation.

The first part of the session is titled ‘The Skill and the Will’, and demonstrates that everybody and anybody is capable of doing first aid. It focuses on building people’s confidence to help others by exploring the reasons why people don’t get involved and ways to overcome them.
The course comes with a workbook which contains a certificate. There is a list of topics at the back of the book on the reverse of the certificate and as each topic is completed the relevant section can be marked as done.

The learners can cover any of the topics they want – the trainers will always be led by the learners as to what subjects they want covered. Further sessions can be arranged if the learners want to cover further topics and build on their certificate.

The course is led by the learners with the trainers providing guidance and clarification to facilitate the learning rather than being done by formal teaching.

Everyday First Aid training aims to make first aid second nature for everyone.

This course is for anyone wanting a flexible and informal first aid session making skills simple to do and easy to remember. Using relevant, real-life scenarios and everyday household objects.

Helping out someone:

• who is distressed
• bleeding heavily from a wound
• burn or scald
• choking
• broken bone
• head injury
• strain or sprain
• unconscious person who is breathing
• unconscious person who is not breathing
• unconscious person who is not breathing and AED is available
• heart attack
• stroke
• seizure(epileptic fit)
• diabetic emergency
• asthma attack
• allergic reaction
• eaten or drunk something harmful
• meningitis
• hypothermia


This course is not formally assessed. Participants will receive a certificate where they can record the skills they have learnt.


No previous knowledge of first aid needed. Participants are encouraged to discuss any particular learning needs beforehand. :

Please Note:

Also avaialble useful first aid apps that can be downloaded to a smart phones or computers, as well as online learning opportunities in first aid skills.


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