Where is the Care raise awareness about their work in Southend as a Press Release


David Amess 2



On Saturday 10th October, ‘Where is the Care’ set up a stall in the Victoria Plaza Shopping Centre in Southend in order to meet with local people and discuss the importance of improving care for the elderly where it is needed.

Where is the Care use events such as Saturday to collect stories, experiences, information, and tips about care in the community, before publishing them on their website to highlight areas of poor care, as well as where good practice exists.

Sir David was pleased to meet with representatives from Where is the Care and commented afterwards, saying:
“Care for the elderly is an issue that I take a great interest in as it effects so many of my constituents, whether it be for themselves or their family. I think it is fantastic that Where is the Care are bringing to light the issues that people in Southend West have experienced and I hope that this will encourage the continuing improvements in care that we have seen in recent years.”



He also made reference to his own personal connection with care issues, “As someone who has a 103-year old Mother I am more than aware of the challenges that can be presented to us when caring for an elderly family member. Everyone deserves to receive fantastic care irrespective of their age, and if this is not the case, those responsible for poor care must be held accountable.”

Many constituents raise issues relating to care – both good and bad – with Sir David and he would suggest, if there are any issues that you are currently facing with regards to caring for a loved one, that you get in contact with his office by calling 0207 219 3452 or by emailing him at