WHAT IS A CLINICAL COMMISSIONING GROUP? About Mid Essex provided for WhereIsTheCare

Provided for WhereIsTheCare by Mid Essex CCG


Who is Mid Essex Clinical Commissioning Group (MECCG)?


Mid Essex Clinical Commissioning Group (MECCG) has the responsibility of commissioning healthcare for the population of mid Essex.

This means buying health services on your behalf and making sure these services are of good quality, are safe and there for you when you need them.

The CCG is made up of almost 50 general practices and more than 200 GPs across the three localities; the District of Braintree (including Witham and Halstead), Chelmsford Borough and the District of Maldon.

Every year the CCG plans for and buys services, working closely with clinicians, local people, voluntary organisations and public service partners.


Our vision

Our vision is communities working together to create innovative and sustainable local services, delivering integrated, first class health and social care for all.


The challenge ahead

Mid Essex CCG is one of the best performing in the region and country for quality of services and health outcomes but we are in financial deficit.


Healthcare is costing more than the money available to us – at the end of 2013/14 we overspent by £9.1 million on a budget of just under £400 million.

The CCG needs financial stability to bring the best of modern healthcare to our future population.

We have two plans to help sustain quality care and build healthy communities:

  • a two-year plan that identifies changes to services to release short-term savings and improve our financial position
  • a five-year transformational programme to create affordable services for the longer term.

These plans are still evolving but are based on people getting the right services at the right time and in the right place throughout their lives.


To view the plans click here http://www.midessexccg.nhs.uk/about-us