WHERE IS THE CARE ARTICLE – Our Chaplaincy Service Free



John Mills does not charge us for his chaplaincy and offer this as part of his Christian service to others.  He doesn’t have any powers or influence, just a listening ear that can be available to help and signpost to other advocacy services and support.


Where appropriate, we can offer the services of a Chaplain who is not an NHS Chaplain employed by the NHS, but a volunteer and an ordained minister in the Reformed Church. The Chaplain is located in the East of England and is also a certified independent advocacy practitioner.


He will do his best to signpost and support during times of crisis and/or bereavement should you feel alone with no-one to turn to.


Our Chaplain is here to remotely work with you and any advocacy partners to help ensure that you, or the service user’s privacy, dignity, and any religious or cultural beliefs are respected.


We do not want anyone to be alone in their time of difficulty. Where you are not able to get any support locally or feel at a loss which way to turn, then our Chaplain will assist in signposting or again, where possible will provide support on the end of a telephone.


We, and he, do not give advice nor tell you or others what to do, but we will do our best to ensure that you have all the information you require to make any informed decisions you may have to make. However, in the end, any decisions that are made by you are yours and we cannot take any responsibility for your actions that may unfortunately result in an unsatisfactory outcome.


Please email help@whereisthecare.co.uk if you would like lovely Pastor John Mills to contact you.


John Mills has helped us, Katie and Kevin Warren of WhereIsTheCare personally and has been a great support.  Thank you John!