WHERE IS THE CARE ARTICLE – What is Reablement?

WhereIsTheCare knows of personally a number of people where reablement has really worked for them, especially Residential Reablement. For example one elderly lady in her 90s was able to achieve more strength in her legs and arms and gain confidence and was able to successfully them manage at home. Another gentleman in his 90s who fell through the system was unfortunately not offered reablement from hospital and the family were unaware of such a system in operation.

He entered a care home and WhereIsTheCare were able to advise the family that he should have been assessed for reablement and this could still happen. This was done, he entered the then Drakes House, Admirals Reach in Chelmsford and they did a great job. He was able to return to his own home,maximising his potential, having carers at home and was able to stay happily in his home until the end of his life a number of years later.
We are very pleased that four new three-year contracts have been tendered for and awarded in April 2015 by Essex County Council after a successful pilot in mid Essex showed that residential reablement could reduce the number of people going straight from a hospital bed into long-term care encouraging independent living. They will be launching shortly.  Social care teams, following a rigorous procurement exercise to extend this support across Essex, will be able to refer up to 800 Essex residents a year.

Reablement is a programme of short-term care designed to help you regain and maintain your independence – giving you the confidence to manage independently whether that is in your own home or in residential reablement (usually a temporary stay in a care home establishment designed to offer reablement) where you can spend up to six weeks in such a dedicated reablement unit.
Residential Reablement or a Reablement service in your own home from Essex Cares Ltd can help you to regain independence before returning to your own home from hospital or for individuals that may be experiencing difficulties living independently at home. It is free for up to six weeks as long as you are participating in the programme and making progress. The aim that you will be able to live life independently without any support.
If you are going home after you are in hospital and need Reablement support when you are discharged, a social care worker will talk to you before you leave about what will be needed when you go home. They will liaise with an occupational therapist from the hospital who will arrange any equipment and adaptations that you will need at home.

The social care worker will then make arrangements with Essex Cares Ltd who have assistants that will support you at home. You will together agree goals that you want to work towards and how you will work towards achieving them. Unlike traditional home care, where carers visit and complete tasks for you, assistants work with you to learn or re-learn the skills you need for everyday life.
If you do need support for longer, social care workers will review your needs with you. If you are eligible for Social Care support they will arrange an assessment with one of the trained benefits advisors to identify whether you should pay towards the cost of any on-going service – this will depend on your personal circumstances.

Four dedicated residential reablement units are being established across the county, where residents can stay for up to six weeks in preparation for returning to their homes.

Residents will be given the support needed to tackle everyday tasks such as preparing meals, managing medications, personal care, shopping and laundry to help them regain skills and confidence following an accident, illness or disability.

Essex Cares Ltd, in partnership with Runwood Homes, has been awarded contracts to operate units at Brewster House, Maldon (mid Essex), Woodbury Court, Laindon (south west Essex), and Alexandra House, Harlow (west Essex).  A unit at Corner House, Clacton (north east Essex), will be run by Anglian Community Enterprise (ACE) with plans for a fifth provider in south east Essex in a few months time.

Linda Flynn, Head of Commissioning Vulnerable People, from Essex County Council Adult Social Care said:
“The contracts also mean that individuals will not need to make life changing decisions from a hospital bed or because of an urgent situation in the community. The units will provide a safe place where they can achieve their full potential and make informed choices about their future. This means more people having the opportunity to return home.”

If you are in a situation where you feel your elderly relative has potential for reablement to return home and you are not told about it, ask. The Adult Social Care team hospital discharge team can be contacted for an assessment.
If you have any problems accessing information about reablement after you have asked about it email us help@whereisthecare.co.uk. We will signpost you and we would like to know.

To find out more about reablement contact:

Essex County Council, County Hall, Market Road, Chelmsford CM1 1QH
08457 430 430

Essex Cares Ltd www.ecl.org 03330 135 438