NHS Continuing Healthcare

Investigation – Continuing Healthcare funding? Govt National Audit Office in England may be considering to investigate incorrect families’ Continuing Healthcare funding decisions on account of flawed process.  The more … Continued

NHS continuing healthcare funding may be provided to enable care in any setting (including, but not limited to, a care home, hospice or the person’s own home).   see Caretobedifferent website


More funding UNTRUTHS from www.caretobedifferent.co.uk – “You are not allowed: to see any of the assessment notes, to attend or speak at assessment meetings, to take anyone with you, if you take a solicitor – they are not allowed to speak, Local Authorities/Councils never get involved in the Continuing Healthcare process, and that they … Continued

Secured Funding?  www.caretobedifferent.co.uk say 3 things you may be wrongly told are: 1.  The Local Auth will still have to means test you for social care needs   2.  Up to only a certain amount will be paid for healthcare needs  3.  Family will have to pay difference in fees between what NHS will pay and … Continued

NICE Guidelines. As Caretobedifferent.co.uk remind usNICE guidelines on pressure sore prevention and management could be useful in your Continuing Healthcare case”.  Guidance states: care interventions MUST be documented. Check your care provider is recording relevant info in care plan/daily care notes. (NICE: National Institute for Clinical Excellence – Non-Departmental Public Body accountable to Dept … Continued

Beacon – Specialist advice about NHS Continuing Healthcare.  Committed to providing affordable and ethical representation for families struggling to navigate the continuing healthcare maze.  Downloadable Navigational Toolkit.  www.beaconchc.co.uk   0345 548 0300


Eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare funding in Thurrock?  From Apr 2014 you have a right to ask for a personal health budget, includes option of asking for direct payments to be made to them, or someone who looks after them and choosing how to use your allocated budget for a tailored package of care to … Continued

Decision Support Tool (DST).  If you hear this phrase it is to do with NHS Continuing Healthcare or NHS Funded Nursing Care.  It supports the process of determining eligibility, and ensures consistent and comprehensive consideration of an individual’s needs, it cannot directly determine eligibility. Professional judgement will be necessary. FIND DST FORM HERE https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/national-framework-for-nhs-continuing-healthcare-and-nhs-funded-nursing-care