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KentOnLine July 2016 – Coroner orders investigation after Alan Wood dies from pressure sore developed at Medway Maritime Hospital

A coroner has launched a probe into how a man died after he developed a “horrendous” pressure sore at Medway Maritime Hospital.

BBC July 2016 – Stop Making Excuses on delays, NHS bosses told

Delayed discharge from hospital for the elderly costing hundreds of millions and bad for patients.

The Times 12.05.16 – “Hospitals still risking lives by sending patients home early”

Finally revealed in the mainstream media, thanks to Healthwatch England, their reports that back up a recent Ombudsman report, listening to many members of the public like WhereIsTheCare speaking up and out over last years about this situation and how much pain and suffering – and money and resources this is costing.  “A million patients sent home without appropriate arrangements for care, leading to emergencies readmissions within 30 days costing £2.4 billion a year and deaths”.

Telegraph Feb 2016 – Councils ‘needlessly’ forcing elderly to sell homes to pay for care

Councils are failing to inform people about schemes designed to stop them having to sell their homes to pay for elderly care.  They are reuired by law to offer “deferred payment” arrangements, which allow people to borrow money to pay for care against the cost of their home. Sept 2015 – “What to do if you suspect care home abuse”

If you suspect that your loved one is not receiving adequate care, or is being harmed, here are the next steps to take. 03.11.15 – Care-givers ‘missing chances to improve lives of people with dementia’

New survey from the Dementia Services Development Centre at University of Stirling suggests there are still significant gaps in both public / professional knowledge about dementia and what can be done to mitigate the toll it takes.

Daily Mail 19.10.15 – GPs refuse to visit elderly in care homes unless paid fees of £100,000 a year

GPs are demanding extortionate fees, care home bosses say GP surgeries in some towns have formed ‘cartels’, campaigners accused GPs of ‘profiteering on the backs of the elderly’, care homes are forced to hike up costs to cover ‘retainers’



Pulse Today 07.10.15 – Practices to be relieved of almost all care homes patients under CCG plans

Practices in the Southend area will see three-quarters of care home patients removed from their lists under a CCG’s plans to create a ’virtual GP practice’ dedicated to care home residents.

Social workers should be individually graded … Oct 2015

Social workers should be individually graded in inspections, says former ADCS (Assoc of Directors of Childrens Services) president.   He said: “We don’t have a problem with a lack of social workers, we have a problem with a lack of quality social workers.”

Local Govt Ombudsman Sept 2015

Families may be paying too much for social care, ombudsman reports.

Royal College of Nursing Report 2015 – N. Staffs Innovation

At University Hospital, north Staffordshire.  Preventing frail elderly patients from being treated in A&E dept, providing a dignified and rapid holistic assessment of older people, a fundamental service redesign has taken place which has led to a purpose built frail elderly assessment unit.

Home Care Visits: Must Last Longer

The Independent 23.09.15 – Carers who visit elderly people in their homes should spend at least 30 minutes with them according to new guidance.

Alzeheimer’s Disease may be caught through medical accidents

The Telegraph 09.09.15 – University College London Study finds it is theoretically possible to become infected through blood transfusion, brain surgery or root canal operation.

Social Work is losing its identity – how can it be saved?

The Guardian Social Care Network 2015 – Social workers describe how their work feels distant from the values they trained in.  This identity crises needs to be addressed if the profession is to survive.

The Independent Aug 2015 – Social care regulators receiving 150 allegations of abuse towards vulnerable adults every day

Social care regulators receive 150 allegations relating to the abuse of vulnerable adults and the elderly every day, new figures reveal.

Daily Mail Elderly Care Crisis As Complaints Soar to 160 Every Day – August 2015
  • Care Quality Commission, which inspects nursing homes, released stats
  • More complaints made in first six months of 2015 than in the whole of 2011
  • Cuts to council’s adult social care budget putting pressure on the system
  • Staff ‘end up being the sort of worker you wouldn’t want’, says inspector
Rethinking Regulation Report by Professional Standards Authority August 2015

‘Expensive’ and ‘incoherent’ healthcare regulation needs ‘radical overhaul’.  What do you think?

Daily Mail Dec 2014 – Owners of shocking care homes will be prosecuted, health minister pledges
  • Lib Dem Norman Lamb said there will be ‘no hiding place’ for care homes
  • Health minister said owners of ‘shocking’ care homes could be prosecuted
  • He said ‘fundamental standards’ will be introduced in April next year
  • Mr Lamb highlighted Merok Park home which was branded ‘dangerous’
  • All care workers will be required to undergo training for new certificate
Telegraph March 2012 Bupa put profit first at filthy and understaffed care home, says judge

Jury at Liverpool Crown Court convicted a BUPA care home’s manager, Karen Southern, of wilful neglect of Joyce Farrow a 90 year old frail and vulnerable lady.   She was sentenced to eight months’ imprisonment suspended for two years. She was also ordered to carry out 120 hours’ unpaid work and pay £5,000 towards the prosecution costs.

This seems to be a landmark case because of the bravery of care workers acting as witnesses.  WhereIsTheCare say we need more of these prosecutions, and harsher ones, care homes need to be held responsible for poor care.

The Echo 10.03.15 – “I Need Proper Answers About How My Dad Died”

A grieving daughter wants a full inquest into her dad’s death after Basildon Hospital admitted failing to realise he had suffered a stroke.

Cutting Red Tape for Care Homes July 2015

Business Secretary announces ambitious reviews into burdensome red tape in 5 key industry sectors.

Bed Sores in US led to manslaughter conviction 2000

In Hawaii with the introduction of criminal prosecution for gross neglect, a new weapon against poor nursing care has appeared.  The State charged the nursing home operator with negligence for allowing the ulcers to progress to such a severe state while failing to seek medical care. The result was a conviction for manslaughter.

Operation Jasmine: Care Home Doctor Should Have Been Prosecuted 14.07.15

A highly critical review of an investigation into alleged abuse at care homes in south Wales says one of the owners should have been prosecuted. Her review found care providers “impervious” to older people’s needs.  First Minister Carwyn Jones said the report was “testament to inaction and inadequate controls”.

Meet the NHS Whistleblowers who exposed the truth – February 2015

These people’s experiences have led to the first independent review of the treatment of whistle-blowers in the NHS, they helped shine a light on the darkest recesses of the NHS, raising concerns over patient safety, staff bullying and declining standards of care. But rather than being praised for their courage many whistle-blowers claim they faced bullying, threats and in some cases the loss of their jobs.

Court of Protection Ruling (Essex County Council v RF 2015)

In 2013 a 91 year old man was whisked away from his home and locked away for 17 months in a dementia unit of a care home in Essex by Essex County Council, and was only released thanks to his friend, petitioning the Court of Protection. Mr P’s legal costs apparently amounted to over £64,000. On top of this, the costs of the care home were between £23,000 to £25,000.  The judge said “ECC’s conduct was reprehensible”.

Gym installed for dementia care home!

BBC Report March 2015 – installed gym in Liverpool care home helping the health of residents’ with dementia.

Jailed in secret April 2014 – for trying to rescue her father from care home

A woman was jailed ‘in secret’ for trying to remove her father from a care home where his family thought he was in danger of dying.  Wanda Maddocks, 50, is the first person known to be imprisoned by the Court of Protection, which settles the affairs of people too ill to make their own decisions.  A judge ruled that she should go to prison for five months for contempt of court even though she was not present or represented by a lawyer.

BBC Dec 2014 – Dementia Patients Lack Proper Care

Dementia patients are not getting the care they need because the condition is not recognised as a terminal illness, two leading charities have claimed.     “Despite much attention on dementia in recent years, many people with dementia are not dying where they had hoped; others face meeting the end of their life in pain or without dignity.”

“NHS England is addressing the issues raised by this report as part of a wide range of initiatives, including the upcoming refresh of the End of Life Care Strategy.”

Essex Chronicle Nov 2014 – Use bus pass on community transport to Broomfield Hospital/volunteer drivers needed

Passengers using Chelmsford Community Transport in Chelmsford can use their bus pass to get to Broomfield Hospital now. They need volunteer car drivers and people who can drive mini-buses – as do many other community transport services – can you help? 01245 477750

BBC News Nov 2014 – Bournemouth Hospital bed blockers face ‘legal action’

WHEREISTHECARE RESPONSE TO BBC NEWS. Our experience is not that relatives complain about wallpaper and they they don’t like someone at the door of a care home they may wish to place their loved elderly person in, more likely the atmosphere and their observations alarm to possible poor care.  It’s alarming to read this.  We are not saying there ‘may’ be relatives who wish to keep their elderly in hospital. Our experience shows that more likely when the relative has been deemed medically fit, they may not be, and end up re-admitted to the hospital and the family’s concern is not listened to. Or there is worry, ‘where’ the elderly person is going to be discharged to. Reason: the family may be pressured into allowing them to be discharged when they are not sure they will be safe, whether they are going to their own home or some other care arena. Medically fit, does not always equal safe at the next care arena! A tougher approach to solve the problem?? We need to look at all working and pulling together to get hospital, social care and all the link services in the community to provide safer discharge, better communication with families so they know what is going on and their options, and so the elderly and vulnerable are safe when they get ‘home’.  Too early discharge is costing this country millions, and great pain and suffering. When are we going to really ‘start’ solving problems, not taking legal action. It is beyond words.

Telegraph Nov 2014 – Watchdog to advise how to spy on care home staff

Health and care watchdogs to publish official advice about how to operate secret cameras in care homes

BBC News – Nov 2014 Essex Cares

Essex Cares losses put 100s job at risk, staff told

Telegraph Nov 2014 – Doctor and Nurses Told to Say Sorry

New guidelines for doctors and nurses tells them to tell the truth and apologise when patients are failed