WHEREISTHECARE RESPONSE TO BBC NEWS. Our experience is not that relatives complain about wallpaper and they they don’t like someone at the door of a care home they may wish to place their loved elderly person in, more likely the atmosphere and their observations alarm to possible poor care.  It’s alarming to read this.  We are not saying there ‘may’ be relatives who wish to keep their elderly in hospital. Our experience shows that more likely when the relative has been deemed medically fit, they may not be, and end up re-admitted to the hospital and the family’s concern is not listened to. Or there is worry, ‘where’ the elderly person is going to be discharged to. Reason: the family may be pressured into allowing them to be discharged when they are not sure they will be safe, whether they are going to their own home or some other care arena. Medically fit, does not always equal safe at the next care arena! A tougher approach to solve the problem?? We need to look at all working and pulling together to get hospital, social care and all the link services in the community to provide safer discharge, better communication with families so they know what is going on and their options, and so the elderly and vulnerable are safe when they get ‘home’.  Too early discharge is costing this country millions, and great pain and suffering. When are we going to really ‘start’ solving problems, not taking legal action. It is beyond words.



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