Letter in recognition of a number failings in the quality and provision of care provided.  Acknowledgement that CECS did not always get the care right, on occasions failing to tailor the care to mum Reneé’s needs and that the care did not meet the expeccted standards in a number of areas in William Julien Courtauld Hospital, Braintree.  Payment offered as a goodwill gesture.  This was returned at this time however, as a separate legal claim was ongoing with CECS, previously Mid Essex Primary Care Trust, concerning Reneé’s pressure sores in care home with visiting District Nurse Service run by them.  We  asked that once settled that CECS re-pay the gesture of goodwill that they have clearly decided is the right action to take with regard to Reneé’s care and our treatment as a family.  The organisation paid this on 16.02.15.  See Document below.  We have had a follow up meeting with Vicky Waldon, Executive Director Integrated Pathway HUB for “Provide” who were previously CECS who we are pleased to report have decided to support our website initiative and are now engaging with us to take our feedback and report back to us improvements ongoing regarding vulnerable elderly peoples care at Provide.



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