Here you can see the SOVA SETSAF 1 and 4 documents that were completed by Adult Social Care when a care home reported Katie Warren as some kind of threat to her mother.  This was discovered after our family requested information under the Freedom of Information Act.  We were completed shocked.

This is being made available so you can read what a relative raising genuine concerns about their loved one’s care can be accused of and how their character can be assasinated, without a shred of truth and – entirely without their knowledge.  In fact the relative may never be told.

This was taken out against Katie after she refused to take her mum back to a home after she had witnessed poor care many times, raised concerns, and finally refused to take her mum back there because she was looking so poorly and the family were very worried indeed reporting this to adult social care.

There are a number of issues to highlight:

  • Accusations in this SOVA documentation are untrue.  Katie had not moved her mother a handful of times, she had not screamed, shouted or was aggressive towards care staff.
  • The care home seems more concerned with Katie’s mental state than their own poor delivery of care she had to question repeatedly.
  • Katie had called the GP herself to her family her to see her mother the family were so worried,
  • The family think it is fair to say they were concerned about the ‘GP’s’ conduct and competency more so that he was of Katies as stated (even the care home’s own staff whispered to Katie to get second opinions).
  • The family wish that UTI’s (Urinary Tract Infections) would be taken more seriously and their seriousness not dismissed so easily whose symptoms can be debilitating,
  • It is completely ludicrous to suggest that Katie may not have been acting in her mother’s best interests,  Little did she know she would be moving out of the “frying pan into the fire” of care homes moving from here to the next home to get her mum good care.
  • At this time, Katie was not told and was not aware that ‘she’ could herself have taken a Safeguarding alert out against the care home for the poor care she saw.  It is very sad that relatives are investigated after such accusations and with no evidence, however care homes do not seem to be, even when there are vulnerable elderly relatives with horrific pressure sore wounds which relatives like Katie Warren has to take legal action for, for someone to listen.
  • It notes that the “alleged perpetrator” Katie(!) was informed of the outcome of this investigation.  This is not true, Katie was not aware of this SOVA at all.

PLEASE NOTE:  This latest CQC inspection for this care home recently states “Risk analysis was not robust and people were at risk of poor care”, “The service is not always safe”, “Staff did not always follow safe moving and handling procedures”, “Risks to peoples welfare were not always managed effectively”, “People were not consistently supported by staff with the right skills and knowledge”, “The service was not always caring”.



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