Cameras needed ..


I worked in a dementia unit in a warden controlled home in this area with extra care. It was Council run.

These are some of the things that happened:

* Was getting a lady with dementia ready for bed and went to get her medication and as I went out of
room to get them, when I walked back in the lady said she had been hit by the other carer with me.

* I reported it.

* I got suspended for 6 months with pay.

* The other carer had been suspended 5 times to my knowledge. She still works there.

* She can do this because she is doing this to vulnerable people with dementia, where you cannot rely on what they say is true.

Cameras are needed in these places.

* Staff can be scared of another staff member who is intimidating like this one into not saying anything.

* Thought they say blow the whistle, they end up getting rid of you because you are reporting these things and they feel you are giving the place a bad name.

Things That Need Improving:

  1. The only way to avoid this happening is hidden cameras.




Romford area

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Residential Care Home