Father’s needs coming second …


Until recently my father was cared for by a large local care company, I decided to move to a private carer because his needs were coming second to that of the care companies, for example, he would be given his breakfast and lunch within a three hour period then left five hours until his teatime visit. I was often throwing his uneaten lunch away because he was not ready for it. When I asked them to leave more time between their breakfast and lunch time calls I was told there was nothing they could do.


When the private carer started she was shocked to discover my father had not been washed properly, he had black grime between his toes and his chest and back were also grimy. I am pleased to say he is now well taken care of, his meals are given at regular times, his feet are soaked each morning and his body is thoroughly cleansed, he is also a lot happier in himself.



Things That Need Improving:

  1. To understand that, as with all businesses - the customer comes first!
  2. Improved and continuing staff training
  3. Set aside more time to do the job properly





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