Self funders are off the radar ..


Both mum & dad have multiple health issues plus mum has vascular dementia. They also have frailty of advanced age . Dad is 91 mum is 90 in July. I live 22 miles away & until recently was their main carer. As self funders they fall outside the social care “system” & until recently despite my efforts to get an assessment have been totally “off the radar”.

Things came to a head when both developed spinal fractures & we could no longer cope at home. GP arranged emergency short term “Reablement ” for mum in Mountnessing Court & dad was given “Reablement Package” @ home by Essex Cares. No slight intended against individual Carers as most are good & all do their best but the system is broken.

As self funding older people there is basically no joined up care & it’s left to relatives to sort everything out as dad is no longer capable of doing so. Carers for dad turned up at erratic hours & on more than 1 occasion he was left for more than 17hrs as last carer came at 7pm & morning carer at 11:45am. My mum was discharged with no funded care. My sister has born the brunt over the past 5 weeks of sorting out their ongoing care but there is no one source of help or information & she’s had to find it for herself. She lives in Norfolk & has been doing all this alone as I was on holiday & then broke my arm & damaged my back in a fall.


Things That Need Improving:

  1. Hospital discharge
  2. Assessment for self funders
  3. Single point of contact for information for Carers of self funders





Date Experience Happened

March 2014 ongoing


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