I wouldn’t put my dog in such places now …

I was a warden in sheltered accommmodation, in the Havering district for 17 years and there is no residnetial wardens in there are hardly any wardens in sheltered accommodation under the London Borough of Havering at the moment.

Wardens are needed, an elderly resident can’t pull her alarm cord if she is on the floor can she? They need wardens.

The level of care wardens used to give the elderly are not getting now.  People have been left for dead for days and we feel the reasons have been covered up by the local authority because they want to save money.  Elderly tenants pay for a warden in their rent but they are not getting it.

At certain complexes they have a council surgery where residents are supposed to go down to the lounge to see a mobile warden if there are any problems but half of them can’t get down there.

We understand you have to watch budgets, but I wouldn’t put my dog in such places now.  We are disgruntled ex-employees at all, we just care about the elderly in this borough.

It’s no good having a nice 50″ TV in the lounge if the residnets are receiving the daily care they need, someone needs to revise this system.  Accidents are just waiting to happen, in fact they have already happened. Nobody cares, just that it looks good on paper that the accommodation is brilliant advertising that there is 8 permanent staff for example, but in actual fact there is 6 permanent and 2 part time.  There is not enough staff and not the right kind of staff.  Meaning that the wardens are parapetetic – mobile.  They go from here to there and are not based in one place.

I used live in and call on a daily basis, relaying messages to everone if needed, someone I know liad dead for 2 days.  It is not right.

There is nothing in place to know what is going on with residents.  Drug abusers and alcoholics are all in the same complexes now with elderly coming home from hospital – one accommodation is XXXXXXXX XXXXX, Romford. The system isn’t working.  There are bad write-ups in the papers about this.  And people are paying for this system!

What’s the point in having a call centre in say Derby or Luton where they just get residents an ambulance and get hold of the keyholder, where mobile wardens have to come from Eastham. It make my blood boil, there is no compassion. If there is a warden on site, they can go down to the person, and assess the situation. So there are government cutbacks but at what cost?! A warden on site saves money. It’s digusting the eldery are suffering and are targetted again and again for cuts.

The complex my husband and I used to run is now disgusting. Elderly tenants don’t want to use a communal lounge because it is in a disgusting state and some can’t get there anyway to find out information. The tenants are too scared to say anything, frightened to lose their homes and intimated by Council staff.

The government ask the public “to be a friendly neighbour” to the elderly – why should we be?!
If you volunteer at the hospital you get £200 off your Council tax! What is the country coming to! Why waste money and put in computers and 50″ TV screens? The elderly need help not this and compassion and someone to talk to and DIGNITY!

Things That Need Improving:

  1. Revise the system
  2. More resident wardens needed
  3. more care in the community, instead of talking about it - do it!




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