Need advice on care available for dementia ..

My elderly mum is at home and suffering with dementia but it has not been diagnosed. She is very shaky, incapable of taking her tablets properly, overdoses or misses them and suffers with epilepsy.

She has no clue with money now, I have to tell her when to change her clothes etc. We do her shopping and washing and meals as cooking is dangerous for her. She put the electric cooker on the stove, we are worried she will turn the gas fire on.

I have had to glean information about dementia from talking to people like I am talking to you (addressing Katie from WhereIsTheCare) , I get snippets of information from talking to you to help us, Katie.

Age Concern we have been in contact with the dementia section. They were helpful arranging a dementia woman to come round but she is now out for a week and we have trouble getting hold of her easily other times.

We have just got a Power of Attorney through.

Adult Social Care gave us a list of people who can put mum to bed etc but she doesn’t need that yet, just personal care but we need more information on what is happening to her and what will happen in the future, we hear horror stories in Harold Hill and need some advice now on care available now – and in the future.

We asked GP, they want to give her pelvic and chest xrays etc. She won’t drink for a pelvic xray though when we got some results back it was a referral to the memory clinic, and we haven’t heard, we need help with this now.

Someone told me there are day centres- with mental stimulation but no-one gives us this information. She needs stimulation, she needs this once or week or something to get her out. I’ve heard of carers support groups but I don’t know what they can offer us.

It is quite a shock when this begins to happen to your mum and then you don’t get always the information you need.

Things That Need Improving:

  1. Lack of immediate information
  2. Knowing where to go for information
  3. Takes too long at GPs diagnosing what's wrong, if it is dementia or not




Romford area

Date Experience Happened

2014 and ongoing


Care In The Community