Why can’t the hospital get things right ….

My husband has Diabetes his BMs raised to 22 and I called the ambulance, they felt he should go to Broomfield Hospital to try and bring the readings down. They did not give him food or water from 1.45 to 6pm, not even an offer of it. I couldn’t leave A&E to go and get any because the doctor hadn’t come in and I didn’t want to miss him because my husband hadn’t been examined yet. No nurse came in to check. The doctor checked him, said he was okay, didn’t inform about his BMs (readings), didn’t know about blood results and he said he could go home. I was pressurised to get him discharged and was worried whether he was checked properly.

Went into discharge lounge and ambulance came and said they can’t take him in that condition, can’t take him home with reading of 3.6, a reading that I took in the lounge, and being that tired. I still couldn’t get him food because I didn’t know when the ambulance would turn up. We were not checked, the ambulance was comign at 6.30 we were told and it didn’t come til 7.30 otherwise I would have left him and gone and got something. They were also given the address of The Lawns Nursing Home and not his home address to take him back to, thank God I was there otherwise he would have been taken to there.

So many things we have had happen unacceptable at Broomfield with two complaints already in the process of being dealt with along with Adult Social Care. Why can’t they get things right?

Things That Need Improving:

  1. Make sure people in A&E especially diabetics are checked for food as they can go in a coma within minutes and hypos and health go out of control.
  2. Should improve drastically their customer service, that they check on people adquately, we felt ignored and worried.
  3. I didn't think they cared about my husband at all, everything was slapdash.





Date Experience Happened

July 2015