Elderly people important as anyone else …

When I lived in Yorkshire I had everything I needed. Hospital, doctor re my podiatry problems. When I came to Essex, and needed treatment for a piece of bone at the side of my big toe that needs attention I went ot my GP and got a NHS podiatry referral.

They made excuses, said it was nothing to do with my stroke(?) which I knew anyway, and said I didn’t quality to have an operation or any help. I complained – they made this decision ebfore even having full information about me or my conditions.

I said to the podistrist I feel that anyone that comes into this country seems to get help and she agreed! It seems if you are old in this country forget it! They can’t help me because I am older.

The GP was good but the NHS podiatry service poor. Immigrants can come here and get somewhere to live and everything but no-one wants to help me with my feet. My father died fighting in the war for this coutnry and for his family and others and no-one is interested.

I have plans to move back to the North and I bet I will get some more help there.

The waiting lists are so long here due to strangers coming into the country I feel.

I must say that Leeds Hospital is wonderful! They are more organised that round here. If I weren’t moving back I would put in a complaint. I am not happy.

My husband eventually got good care and traetment for himself here but some areas of NHS care are poor.

Other people are agraid to say what they think about immigrant treatment in this country but I’m not.

Things That Need Improving:

  1. Elderly people are just as important as anyone else and they have worked all their lives ot get care.


Patricia Good



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