Good/disgusting care by nurse/care home manager …

I am a nurse and managed a care home in Scotland.  I saw good care there and bad care elsewhere – and I have seen it working as a nurse.  Care needs to be about the person not about the tasks.

My Aunt is 86 and is in a home in the Colchester area now and it is very good.  She gets up when she wants, stays up late if she wants, has breakfast in bed.  They keep me informed of everything, if her behaviour is different, I’m offered tea when I go there etc.  The management in a home makes the difference, they are supposed to know what is going on.

If the care goes wrong, it is lack of training, poor pay, if staff are not treated with respect some will not respect anyone else will they?

In my Aunt’s home staff are treated with respect.

Care homes take anyone, because they are desperate for staff.  They are understaffed and take people who don’t speak English, this is also a problem.

My Aunt was in an awful home in Norfolk, I moved her here.  She wasn’t walking, she is now.  The home was taken over, bought out.  She was bruised, covered in faeces, referred to as “Room 19” to me, we complained.  She looked so bad.  It’s disgusting.  We had to wait 3 weeks to even get her moved.

My colleague was a nurse too and was a care home manager in Essex 2 years ago.  She whistleblew about a carer for inappropriate handling of residents, shouting in their faces, hiding residents’ equipment, not feeding them.  My colleague obtained statements, she raised safeguarding alerts to Adult Social Care – who dealt with them – but it had been going on for year.

She had to leave her job as she was victimised for reporting this, she had to move away from the area.  Her car was being damaged on a regular basis, no-one in the village talked to her because people who lived in the village worked as carers at the care home etc.  The result was she left nursing and managing care homes, left the profession.

Things That Need Improving:

  1. Training is a major issue
  2. Whistleblowers need to be protected and safeguarded whilst doing so
  3. Big fat cat homes are creaming off profit, it is not getting down to the staff





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