Probably kill myself than work in care …

I worked as a carer from 2001 – 2004 in a number of care and nursing homes in the Braintree District.  I suffered with depression from what I saw because people were not being cared for, manouevered in inappropriate ways etc. The homes ended up saying I was too sensitive for the job, I was complaining about the poor care because I was unhappy with what I saw.

I worked in a dementia home where staff made fun of people, carers laughing at residents.

Young carers do not understand the idea of caring for an elderly person.  They do it just for a job.  Just do what they are told to do and not what the people need.

I worked nights too, many residents didn’t want to go to bed when they were being put to bed, but it was a “target” we had to meet to get them to bed.  You should invite people to bed, not make them go.  But we had to.  It was ridiculous to get so many people to bed.  To get so many people up in the morning by a certain time – 8.00am!  We were forcing them to wake up, why?  I was asking myself.  Someone who is supposed to be looking after you who is forcing you to get up and do things you don’t want to do to comply with “targets”??  Really sad.  Annoying.

My family comes from Spain/Mexico, a different cultural way of looking after elderly people.  More family orientated, more respectful.

I would probably rather kill myself before I would work in care again.

Residents need people who really care not just because there is a job going.

I saw so many awful things.  Really awful.

Things That Need Improving:

  1. I came into care without any qualifications, no-one is concerned about qualifications but we need to look at people's personalities, who is suited to be a carer.
  2. We need questions to test potential carers - roleplay - what would you do if this or that happened - proper caring tests, observe them, see what they would really do, how they act.
  3. It's about recruting the right people




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