All living longer. What are they going to do with all the elderly?  …

I was a professional carer many years ago in Chelmsford.  In those days homes were much smaller, staff more caring, they “could” care for residents.  When you get big vast companies in business just for money I feel you will never get the care residents deserve.  They are constantly short staffed, always advertising for carers.

You don’t get the care if you can’t get the staff.

I worked in Council homes and when they are sold off it’s all about profit.  I don’t think carers are trained properly nowadays.  There is not enough training.  Nothing is checked enough. The Council should run homes, but it will never happen now.  There is a difference in care between council run homes and private.

We also need more carers who speak better English.  Elderly people who don’t answer are thought to not be bothered to answer but many times they cannot understand.  Also if something is not right, carers should have the right to say and not be affected themselves by doing so.  I agree with secret cameras.  The law needs to be changed to protect the vulnerable – and carers.

The agency staff situation is also not good, I have seen agency staff working at Broomfield Hospital and leave the night shift there and come to a home and do a day shift immediately afterwards, half asleep, yawning.  I have also seen watches and money go missing, personal things of residents because agency staff come and go and move onto other homes and management cannot keep an eye on them and don’t know them.

I was very happy working in a small homely environment, when it was taken over it lost this friendly atmosphere.  Too many residents, no time.  We are all living longer, what are they going to do with us all?  Where are we going to be shoved?  I am 72 next Friday.




Things That Need Improving:

  1. Use of secret cameras
  2. More protection for the vulnerable and carers
  3. Need smaller homes - and Council run.





Date Experience Happened

Late 90s


Residential Care Home