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Ive read the comments on the site today and I work in residential care at the moment and it doesnt surprise me that there is only negativity on this site. My mother was in witham town today when collared by ‘where is the care’ and only had good things to say about the health care service’s for her father (my grandad) which I can second was the best few weeks he could of wished for in his end stages of life. When my mother answered with only positives (another lady came over with only negatives to say about care given to a relative of hers) my mother was fobbed off to another member of ‘where is the care’ whilst they dealt with the negative comments. Care recently has a bad name and this saddens me as not all what is seen and heard is how all care is as I am very passionate about my job (and as are my collegues) and I think it’s very unfair to target everyone with the mistakes of others!

Where Is The Care Comments on this Story

  • We offer leaflets in a professional manner to anyone walking past our care stand and to anyone interested in what we are doing and our aims, which is to influence improvements in vulnerable elderly peoples’ care in Essex and empower carer families with information, if they are happy to take one they do.
  • People visiting our stand ask about our experiences.  Our personal story can encourage others to give theirs.  They may wish to submit their experiences to our site.  Your mother accepted a leaflet, we explained what we are doing, she told us she had had a good experience and ‘we’ offered that if she would like to have that written down and submitted on our site we will gladly do so, which we have done.
  • We certainly encouraged your mother to give her experiences, especially the comments about Broomfield hospital who engage with us taking our feedback, and support our website.
  • Katie Warren was the person writing down your mother’s story.  Another visitor to our stand arrived. She was asked by her colleague if she would speak to the lady as she was more aware of services available to signpost people to.  The gentleman colleague you refer to is Kevin Warren, co-founder of, she asked him if he would continue to take your mother’s story and they swap.  There is a limited window of time available in a day to meet, listen to, signpost and help as many visitors to our stand as possible.
  • Our story and others’ poor care stories, we feel, are not negative they are reality unfortunately.
  • Stories on our site are also from care professionals like yourself.
  • We would draw your attention to the other areas of our site.  That is, tips and information and articles and the useful links pages.  Some articles are written by, and tips are supplied by, professionals  in care or care organisations who support us.
  • On the supporters pages you will see ‘comments of support’ from individual professional carers, nurses, and other care professionals including many health and care organisations and companies.  Including those not involved directly in care – organisations, companies and Members of Parliament.
  • On Our Story page and our video clip from the home page you will see how we clearly mention good and excellent care professionals we have met (and continue to meet) and who have helped us in our journey, some we continue to be friends with, and others that have supported us through our legal action, including care home managers and nurses.
  • We have been invited to stand, in the name of transparency within different organisations’ stands.  Age UK Essex, Princess Alexander NHS Hospital Trust – Harlow, East of England Ambulance Service, The Seventh Adventist Church organised by a member who is a regional manager looking after a number of care homes in Essex:  all wishing to address concerns, and where appropriate ones within their own organisations, if people come to us to report these, along with reports of good experiences and good practice.
  • We are not alone in believing that turning a blind eye to poor care will not make the system better.  We have to address issues and deal with them, together.   We of course wish to learn from good practice and build on what “is” working to see how positive change may be made.

We are delighted that you are passionate about your job.   There is no place for defensive attitudes any more in care.  Thank you for your comments.

Things That Need Improving:

  1. honesty in the survey
  2. highlighting positives aswell as negatives
  3. letting everyone's comments be heard and dealt with appropriately





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