I left one care agency and went to another that was good …

I worked for a care agency locally, I didn’t like the fact that we were only allowed 15 minutes per client visiting time.  This is not enough time to get them up, washed, breakfasted.  When I got to clients I would take longer than 15 minutes to do a good job and get told off.  They needed it.  most were in their late 80s or early 90s and you can’t rush people this age.  I wouldn’t do it and worked here for a year and I left.

I had to go to the office and collect aprons and gloves and they didn’t alway shave them in, and I had to borrow off other carers.  They didn’t have enough in and enough resources.

I then went to St Georges Agency and this was completely different.  I had full training and they always gave an hour per client at least.  You got full support from the office staff.

Regarding Broomfield Hospital.  My husband was in here with pneumonia and two heart attacks and he was basically looked after well in the high-dependency ward, it was brilliant.  Then he was put in the heart patients’ ward.  He had an oxygen mask on all the time, and he didn’t like the food and also had got out of the habit of eating so the food went straight through him, all these things weren’t taken into account.  They said he had a germ and he was put in a side room and they didn’t go in to check him very often.  One day he was supposed to go for stents at Basildon and then he didn’t go and they forgot him entirely to give him any food!

I was not informed.  I phoned Basildon and they said he is not here, I phoned Broomfield and they said he wasn’t there either.  I had to phone my daughter-in-law and she visited and he was in the ward.  This is when my she discovered he hadn’t eaten and she demanded a hot meal immediately.

We kept saying he’s weak because he isn’t eating enough, not that he has a germ, and we were right, he didn’t.  he said “I never want to go into that ward again”.

He wasn’t given a shower, washed down in the bed.  If they had helped him he could have been showered.  They gave him a bed pan even though he could have been helped to get to the toilet.  They said he was doubly incontinent, he wasn’t. They didn’t seem to want to help him.

We took him home because I wasn’t happy and we started to build him up and within a week he was back walking.  If we had left him there he would have gone down we feel.   We cared for him at home and he is fine now.  We feel he was lucky he had us.  He is not a touchy-feely sort of person but in there he wanted us to hold his hands all the time, he was nervous all the time.  My son complained, they said they would look into it.

Things That Need Improving:

  1. A care agency needs to be more awrae of an individual's personal need and requirements. not get a 90 year old up at 7am for example.
  2. Very old people should not be rushed. When assessments are done there needs ot be more care suitted to the person's needs. A lot of agencies don't do this.
  3. Something needs to be done about some agency care. Old people have been through the war, worked all their lives and they are just abandoned many times to get on with it.




Witham area

Date Experience Happened

2004 - 2012


Carers at home/care agencies