Don’t understand what is going on . . .

My mum is 69, she lives in the Witham area.  Mum went into a home for respite for her and me.  She has gone from one home after 6 weeks each time, to another and they are saying she is violent and has an emotional mental health diagnosis, but anyone would be if they are not being treated as they should and are not comfortable.

I feel I don’t know what is happening regarding her coming home.  I keep phoning social services to find out but I can’t get the information.  I am worried that she won’t get home and I feel she is deteriorating in there and hasn’t got the right care in the homes and they are not encouraging her to move, she needs to be helped to be more mobile.

I want to look after her at home.  She needs a hoist and they say she can’t be manually handled by one person, it is not being explained to me very well and I don’t understand what is happening.  She is not eating properly and is losing weight and I am worried.   They say they can’t get the carers? As she needs 2 at a time 4 times a day and I don’t understand and what is going on.

I am not being kept informed and hope WhereIsTheCare can help me get some information.  (This experience has been passed to Social Services with permission).

Things That Need Improving:

  1. Social services should keep relatives informed better and not leave them scared like I am.
  2. No-one should be left not knowing what is happening to their mum.




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