Agency not making sense – hospital poor, good and briliant . . .

My Dad, 75, had a stroke in January 2015, he was taken to Broomfield hospital and was in there until the end of June.

He had lost his speech, use of his left side and couldn not swallow.  He was so confused he didn’t know who he was even.  It took them a few days to realise he couldn’t drink or eat or swallow.  We had to question it and ask why he wasn’t getting any food and drink.  They were rushed off their feet it seemed and they said “we are sorting it out”?  Why does it take that long (days)? We felt that they thought he wouldn’t survive and that’s why.  We were worried.

He needed to be drip fed and finally this happened.  Then he started picking up.  After this the staff were better and they started caring for him quite well.

He was discharged for rehabilitation to St Peters Hospital in Maldon.  And they were brilliant, he was in there for 6 weeks.  He then went home to his sheltered accommodation and social services and occupational therapy etc came into play at home and they checked his home and said they were not sure he would need physio?  Well of course he needs physio – he is still waiting for this 8 weeks later.  We are helping as a family but we need to know how and what to do to help him.

Social Services organised care 4 x a day by 2 carers.  He can’t mobilise, St Peters supplied all the equipment he needed and that was good.   But the care agency we are not happy with.  (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX – it’s got nothing to do with caring it seems to us!).  They can’t open a tin of soup – not allowed, they can’t pick up a glass broken on the floor – not allowed but it’s okay for Dad’s wheelchair to be wheeled all over it?  It’s all mad and scary.

They are turning up at 10am, 4pm, 5.30pm then 10 or 11pm at night to put him to bed 5 out of 6 days.  Leaving him through the night all that time and complaining that the bed is soaking wet in the morning.  They say his convene doesn’t fit properly, that there isn’t a smaller one.  We don’t understand why he has to suffer like this, there must be something else to help him – a bag?  catheter?  thicker pads?  They are putting on 2 pads one over the other, we don’t about these things, but this doesn’t seem right, like if you put two babies nappies one over the other it wouldn’t work.

They are complaining because his bed is so wet – but leaving him from 10pm to 10am, this doesn’t make sense.  It is all making me so cross.  I can’t be there all the time.  My sister is there a lot and lives nearby and she has aged with the visiting and checking and worry.  She is haggard and worn with it and she feels guilty because they are not looking after him in a sensible way – this is not caring.

Some of the carers are better than others, some do sensible things and other just don’t.  It is upsetting and frustrating.

Now we are changing to private careres and Dad has to pay so much towards it.  But where do we know where to find good care?  How do we know if they can deal with someone who has had a stroke like this for example who can’t walk?  The current agency said they didn’t realise he couldn’t walk!

We don’t know where to start. Social services are not advising us just say that he has to pay a certain amount towards the care and social services pay so much and we need to stick within this budget they have given us and get care not going over that budget.  We have no idea how to start doing any of this.  We have just been left to get on with it and find a company.

We are so worried.



Things That Need Improving:

  1. There is not enough information and help to find out what help/care someone needs for example if 2 people need to hoist someone, we don't understand these things
  2. Social services should advise more on what help people need.


Sam Wyatt


Chelmsford area

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