Ambulance excellent – blood tests queues poor  . . .

I am elderly and fell over in doors and cut open my head.  I called the ambulance (East of England Ambulance) and they were there in 20 minutes.  I was on my own and they sorted everything out for me, they even washed my floor!  Washed the blood off and cleaned up.

Excellent service.

My wife has called them out in the last few years also and we have no complaints at all.

When we visited Broomfield Hospital Outpatients in Chelmsford, the X-ray department were brillliant but getting a blood test there on another occasion could have been better – there was about 60 people waiting, a long queue.



Things That Need Improving:

  1. Nothing with East of England Ambulance Service
  2. Queuing system at Broomfield getting blood test.





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