Confused about entitlements . . .

I am supposed to be getting all the entitlements I should be, I am 65 and have poor health and a bad back, I saw various services including social services a while back and they are all supposed to have helped me but I found it overwhelming and don’t know if there is more support, I am confused.

They said there was nothing else they could do for me.  I’m getting Disability Living Allowance and and pension but someone said something about ‘credit something’ and I don’t know if I am entitled to anything else.  I am looking after my teenage grandson who has difficultures and need to know what support I can get.  I can’t sit up in bed very easily and am having problems.

Someone was supposed to have phoned before after they all visited but they didn’t.  It’s all confusing.

Things That Need Improving:

  1. Don't bombard with services all visiting and up leaving people confused and not understanding.
  2. We need to know and understand who everyone is when lots of services visit and what they are all supposed to be going to do for us. It's very confusing.
  3. I don't know now where to go or who to go to now and ended up doing nothing because I am not sure.





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