Any post traumatic stress help – and respite? . . .

We are elderly and we have a severe disabled adult son who I look after with my wife.

I have been diagnosed with cancer.

We have no respite care, we don’t seem to be getting any allowance or correct assessments or know what we are entitled to if anything to help us cope.

Social services said my son is not due for a reassessment at this stage, we can’t understand why not.  We have to advise them if our circumstances improve but not deteriorate it seems.  But we did need help and it is deteriorating and we are tyring to cope.  We don’t get hardly any sleep, my son is up in the night a number of times, we have no holidays, no respite.  We don’t know what help there is available for us, we feel we aren’t getting any help.

We are not aware of support groups or anything like that.  WhereIsTheCare have told us we might get some help.

It’s only because I now have cancer and MacMillan Nurses have become involved that they are tyring to help with our situation.  It shouldn’t be like that.


Things That Need Improving:

  1. Our son needs some post-traumatic stress disorder treatment and help, why is is only ex-servicepeople and firefighters etc who get it? Joe Public doesn't seem to get it.
  2. Access to information about respite provision should be given to people who are caring more readily.





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