GP didn’t come out/fell off the toilet . . .

My sister called the GP when my brother-in-law fell out of bed.  He just said to take him off of tablets he had previously given him for circulation problems and they could be making him dizzy, she wanted him to come out and he didn’t.

He then deteriorated and she called the GP again and he still wouldn’t come out and just said, call an ambulance.  We think he should have come out – and the first time too.

She did call the ambulance and they thought he’d had a stroke and was admitted to XXXXXXXXXX Hospital.  They were observing him and it looked like he may have had a stroke.  His speech was funny, he has lost the use of his arm and he already has a bad leg he can’t stand on very well and he was very confused.  They took him to the toilet and left him in there and just said “pull the cord and we will come for you”.  But he was so unwell and as I said confused that he didn’t even realise where he was and about the pull cord and he fell off the toilet and hurt his head.

He then improved in there slightly.

But why didnt they use a bed pain, or bottle, or commode by his bedside?  Clearly to leave him in there was unsafe, with his bad leg and bad arm and everything.

The nurses were plleasant but didn’t assess the situation properly – he needed 2 staff to help him move, up the bed fro example because he couldn’t so why would you leave him on his own in the toilet?

This is a stroke ward, you would think they would be more aware of individual needs and what people can’t do.

Things That Need Improving:

  1. The GP should come out when people are worried especially when you've phoned twice and someone is really unwell.
  2. You shouldn't leave vulnerable patients unattended for example in the toilet where they can hurt themselves.





Date Experience Happened

2015 (3rd quarter of)