Excellent care – but I’ve seen poor . . .

I am a professional senior carer and work in a residential care home.

We provide excellent care in a small home and treat residents as we would want to be treated ourselves.  We may be there one day.

They are still treated as individuals as if they are in their own homes. It is no problem to look at individual peoples’ needs.  It can be done.

I know poor care exists, I have seen it in previous homes I have worked.  Some of the reasons are:

*  They are too big.

*  Carers are not treated as professionals.

*  Too much foreign labour, these carers cannot communicate and they don’t understand things so how is the older person going to be able to express how they feel and be understood?

* The result of this is residents don’t get fed, watered properly, dragged out of bed etc.

* Managers have to start coming out of their offices and see what is really going on.

*  Some carers are on a power trip and become bullies. Buzzer may ring continuously they say “Just leave ‘her'”.

*  There is such a limited pool of workers because poor care has a bad reputation and is poorly paid.

*  Management therefore just take on anyone.

*  When someone is interviewed they should watch them, how when they first come in they interact with clients, you can feel something good there if they are suitable and others can shy away from clients when they walk into the home, you know they are only there because they have to be, they are not suitable.

*  Not enough training for carers, no support when things go wrong, you don’t know who to trust.

*  You feel you are not going to be taken seriously if you point something wrong out, you get ignored and then you are branded as a trouble-maker and then you start getting pushed out.

*  I’ve seen poor care in other homes I’ve worked in, carers have complained about poor standards and been pushed out and I’ve been pushed out too because I have complained.  I was told “don’t rock the boat”.  It has happened to me.

*  I know a young carer, 21, who was just working in a big home locally, now working in our good home.  When she started working in my current home, she was amazed how everything is done is our home.  She was telling about how there was not enough food in the home she had come from, not enough staff and she complained and has left because of these things.

*  When CQC (Care Quality Commission – Regulators) come, they talk to the carers “inside” the home.  The management watch this, and, the management actually put forward who CQC should talk to, whether they know this or not.  This shouldn’t be happening.  They should talk to carers outside of the homes and should talk to whoever they choose to talk to, it shouldn’t be pre-planned.



Things That Need Improving:

  1. Needs to be smaller homes. When they are too big, care goes downhill because budgets and resources are cut.
  2. Better pay. Better training and residents should have a say in who is employed. Get the residents to meet the prospective employees.
  3. CQC should do more checks and talk to carers outside of the home.


Jo Brooks



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