Treated like robots, no time …

I worked in different care environments and when I was working in care homes I was annoyed with the way the residents had to be up at a certain time, have breakfast and dinner and go to bed at a certain time.  I felt like we were treated them like robots, not letting them be who they were, they had a right to a life, not to be dictated to I felt.  It upset me and I queried it so many times.  I knew if I had a day off I could lay in, so why couldn’t they?


It made the job more difficult as we had to have everything done by a certain time.  It made people with dementia more stubborn.  They would seem to deliberately do things more slowly just to get our attention and do things like pinch and push us and ignore us.  They haven’t got much choice but to follow the rules of the establishment they are in and that’s difficult when you have to have things done by a certain strict times, so frustrating.


I asked several times to turn over the channel on the TV in the lounge for residents, but just got told they liked that channel.  But no-one was asking them.  Or sat down with them to look at the TV guide for example and ask them what they wanted or offer the radio instead, something different.  There were no activities.  If we were lucky and we rushed things and got things done I could manage to walk some round the block and give them some fresh air.  It would have been better to have been able to take them down to the beach or something to interract and see other people.   But we didn’t have time for that.  If we weren’t looking after residents, we were cleaning or getting ready for lunch or dinner.


I was so sore when I got home from being pushed and pinched by residents with dementia or patients in a hospital where I worked too and when I complained about this situation, all was said was there is nothing we can do about it.  I got frustrated with the healthcare system in general.  I am not a carer now.


I don’t know how we can make it better.  I wanted there to be more time for dementia residents and patients.  I hope and pray it does change and I would consider going back then.  There has got to be more training on dementia and a lot of carers do the job because they love doing it and looking after people, it’s not just about money.


Regarding CQC, I wasn’t every even aware of their visits really.

Things That Need Improving:

  1. Training on dementia, what it is, what affects a client, govt needs to encourage homes to do the training.
  2. CQC should talk to the main people who do the caring not the managers. They need to be talking to the workers.





Date Experience Happened

1991 - 2007


Nursing Home