You can’t give the care that’s needed … …

Hi Katie and Kevin, I would like to say how wonderful this site is, I know it has taken a lot of heartache and hard work to get this up and running.

I first met Katie Warren when I went to meet her and Renee at at Katie and Kevin’s home and had introductions from the company (care agency) I was working for. Renee was such a lovely lady, who had some horrific pressure sores when I first met her, but with Katie and Kevin’s care and the care she received from myself I saw her flourish. I always give the car that my parents would have had, had they not have died so young. Renee had such a wicked sence of humour, she said something to me one day and I laughed all day (unfortunately I cannot remember what it was). Even though I had left the company a few months previously Renee and her family came to my evening wedding reception, which I very much appreciated.

I have worked in the community sector doing half hour calls and to be perfectly honest I do not think you can give the care that’s needed in that time. Some clients I have looked after have no immediate family to look after their needs, so this is usually a social services decision. Another thing I hate and that is”ping” meals (microwave meals), if you were to give me them 7 days a week, I would throw them at you, but you don’t get the time to make a proper fresh meal.  I personally love to cook and see the elderly eat, and to talk and listen to them and their stories.

Katie, I could go on and on but I had better stop, I hope this helps.






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