Good result from a complaint process encouraged by WhereIsTheCare regarding Wendy’s mother, at Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow.

“At the meeting I had with staff at PAH including the ward sister, we discussed the points raised in my complaint. They described the training for dementia that had taken place to help understand requirements better, a ward administrator to co-ordinate discharge and contact with family and friends of patients and a dedicated hospital diabetic nurse. I had first hand experience of the ward administrator and contact with the hospital diabetic nurse which I found very satisfactory, my husband had also seen evidence of more care of diabetic patients during unexpected delays in treatment.

Unfortunately, I did not get to test the actual discharge procedure as my father succumbed to septacaemia and died on the 12th Oct. I was happy with the information we received and treatment he received at Harlow P.A.H. It was a difficult time but Dad was 87 and his quality of life being hoisted around was not brilliant, but at least we managed to keep him in his own home for as long as possible, it was only about ten days in hospital.

Thank you for all your help with our complaint, I really think it helped to make some very positive changes to patient treatment and I thought the improved structure took some burden off the nursing staff”.


Wendy Way



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