Housebound – no regular checks? …


My mum is in her 70s and Dad is 82. Mum has been agoraphobic for a long time, she is also diabetic and has lupus. A few years ago she became much worse with agoraphobia and is housebound. Dad looks after her and us sisters look after them both. Mum was being checked regularly a the local hospital, she was regularly being checked for lupus at the hospital when she could get out of her house and the GP surgery checked her for diabetes.

We sisters feel that since she became housebound since approximately 2009 she hasn’t had regular checks. My sister went to the GP for herself and he asked how mum was (this is mum’s doctor too), he implied there was nothing more he can do for her, that she has to help herself. We are concerned she is not getting checked regularly. The optician comes to our parents’ house privately and the district nurses have been now and again to take bloods since 2009 but not regularly.

Do care checks just cease if you can’t physically get to appointments any more?

Things That Need Improving:

  1. We need to know clearly what services are available in the community to come to mum from the GP and hospital that can help check her and understand agoraphobia.
  2. After any length of time someone elderly doesn't attend regular checks they should be contacted.
  3. It needs to be understood that an elderly person can be frightened that they will be made to go to an appt, doesn't wish to worry the famly, do not want to inconvenience the family or through pride may not take notice of any reminders if they are being sent.





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