No help at weekend …


My Dad is 93 and fell at home where I live too and look after him. He went to hospital by ambulance and was black and blue down all one side and he had 12 stitches in his arm and he was very shaken and hurt and they sent him home the same day! I am the son and care for him But we had carers come in organised by social services to help but he should have been kept in for 24 hours to monitor him but I had to cope with Dad, jut me in that next 48 hours. I had to get Dad to the toilet and he couldn’t hardly walk, and I needed someone to support and help me. I couldn’t hardly manage, someone had to hold him front and back, I was terrified he would fall again.

When the carers began to come in, they came in at 7pm, hardly washed him. When they came in earlier and at this time, had 15 minute to prepare a meal. This all happened over a weekend and I had to cope on my own with no carers, I got to the stage where I called 999 to get help to get Dad to the toilet. They said speak to 111 it is not a clinical emergency, no-one did anything. I needed district nurses to come out but they said it needs a GP referral but I said I need someone today, I can’t lift him! I had to cope the best I could, I have angina and arthiritis and there could have been injuries to both of us. I phoned the duty social worker and they said I needed a referral and would get it Monday, I said I need help now, I am on my own!

The Hospital should have put a care plan in place for Dad and me immediately, I put in a complaint to the Council. We are both furious. Dad made a recovery but I should have had help when I needed it. If my back had spasmed as it has before, it would have been a disaster, disabled looking after disabled. I feel the social services from hospital are neglectful. The hospital sent Dad home and he was in shock, and gave him no assurance to help him, nothing to help calm him. It was very stressful also for me as a carer. I was tearing my hair out with worry.

The council apologised but there should have been support when I needed it. I had to keep awake all night with Dad, and had to be alert for him and this compromised my health.



Things That Need Improving:

  1. Should be carers to help at weekends District Nurses should check conditions of elderly when they are discharged from hospital
  2. There should be GP cover at weekends, not out of hours doctors, who don't help really.
  3. It needs somene who really knows the person's medical sitaution and there should be 24 hour cover.





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