Frantic – and I’m a nurse! …

My mum died days ago from giving you this story. Mum, 90, was previously living with me, she lived in xxxxxxx. She had seizures and needed to go into a home. Adult Social Care said she needs a nursing home as she would not be safe at my home. She went into xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on the Wednesday and I left mum good.

I am a nurse and nothing was wrong when I left her, everything was fine. I had to go away for 3 days I couldn’t cancel and had a call on the Saturday just as I got back saying she had been unresponsive since 6am that morning and no-one had called a doctor! I was alarmed. Then in hospital, the doctor, was saying he didn’t think mum would make it. I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing, and was asking, what do you mean?! I left my mum good a couple of days ago.

When we got to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx hospital, they were frantically trying to get her oxygen levels up, mum was in a coma by this time. I looked under her covers and her legs were dry and scaly. In the home when I left her I had washed and moisturised her legs and there was not a scratch on her. Now I found a huge blister on her knee and leg about to burst. No-one can tell me where this blister came from and how. She had sepsis in her chest and I am convinced this happened because they gave her drinks laying down. I warned them about this but they must have still done it. She had a raging temperature, her respiration was high, oxygen levels dropping, basically she was dying when the ambulance finally came. She had food stuck all in her mouth and I had to get it out and she came in like this!

If someone is unresponsive you call a doctor. Why didn’t they call them? How can one wait from 6am until 8pm at night, this is when the ambulance came. What were the nurses doing?

These homes, someone needs to shut then down. I am distraught and so angry. My mum was in respite in Hackney, London a while back and poor mum did not want to go into any home again. She was sad in there, she said they were roughing her up and saying things to her like “you can wipe your own bum” and that they were pinching her. They thought she had dementia because she would not communicate, but I took her home to my house, after she was home with us, she was fine, she was just traumatised by the care.

I didn’t want to place my mum in a home, adult social care refused a stairlift and said it was unsafe with her seizures and my hands were tied to put her in a home. Promises were made to me that changes to the bathroom would be made etc and they withdrew these promises – and left me with no choice. She was one week in this home! One week!

I am sick of all these people. A couple of years ago my mum and dad were in a home in Clapton, London, and they used an enema as eye drops, we have since lost Dad, it was awful care. Wrong doses of Warfarin were given and I would arrive and the carer would ask my mum at 90 what does of Warfarin she has. As if she knew that. I complained and the home manager was replaced in attempts, I feel, to cover the bad care. When mum went into the hospital back then, once I arrived and found her slumped in a chair unresponsive, I had to say to them, she has had a seizure! They said no, she is alright. They were fighting with me, they discharged her the next day, she had a massive seizure and was back again in hospital.



Things That Need Improving:

  1. More staff needed Properly trained nurses who know what they are doing in nursing homes





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